Sara Forslund, Water Became Wild, 2015

sara forslund - water became wild For me the second album on the Volkoren label, and one with similarities to that first one, from David Ahlén. And one of the reasons for that might be that the latter is co-producing and arranging here. First thing to notice is another striking package from the label. Beautiful photo’s of the singer in a natural environment. Which fits this album to perfection, as this is another collection of songs that are earthly in approach, minimal in execution and spiritual in perception.

Sara has a lovely voice that reminded me a little bit of an old favourite, Paula Cole, albeit this album being much more laid back and intimate. This is music to consume with full attention, drifting away on it’s mellow tones and soft dynamics. I don’t think many people realise how hard it is to bring music in this way. So gentle and fragile, sometimes whisper soft, and yet so commanding. Huge kudos  for that!
Maybe not the right music for any time of day, but surely of high calibre. So if you are looking for quality and don’t mind spending time with an album, this is surely something to pick up. Beautiful music that transcends genre tags and will appeal to anybody willing to listen. Intense!