Saracen, Redemption, 2014

saracen - redemptionNot exactly a new kid on the block, as I think the roots of Saracen date to the seventies, with original writer and guitarist Rob Bendelow still firmly in place. But it is the last decade or so, that has seen them release CD’s on a more regular base, which is a good thing, as I like this band. Their sound is part NWOBHM and part prog. So names like Iron Maiden, Deep Purple and Uriah Heep are references.

This CD has a lot to offer, not only in quantity, the 13 tracks make good use of all the room on a standard CD, but also in quality. And yes, there is nothing new or modern on offer here, but who cares if it is done well, right? This band is not about mixing styles and creating a new sound. This is all about writing good songs, telling tales and delivering them with class and panache. We get melody, we get solos, we get intricate arrangements and songs that develop and paint pictures.

So if you are into this type of music, or like the bands I mentioned earlier, then this is surely something you will want to check out.