Savoldelli Casarano Bardoscia, The Great Jazz Gig In The Sky, 2016

savoldelli casarano bardosciaIf you take a look at the cover and the title of the album, I am quite sure a lot of you dear readers will already have a clue as to what is on offer here. Yes, this is a re-imagination of the Pink Floyd classic Dark Side Of The Moon. And to top that, this is not a note for note imitation. No, this is a very bold personal interpretation!

Lead by singer (and electronics handler) Boris Savoldelli, the other main musicians are Raffaele Casarano on saxes and electronics and Marco Bardoscia on double bass and electronics. Guesting are the great Dewa Budjana who plays guitars on Us And Them, WK569 with additional sound manipulation and Maurizio Nobili, reciting.
So limited instruments (although the sax and double bass are often featured prominently), lots of electronics and vocals and vocal noises…. And yet, it surprised me how this album grabbed me. Of course, some songs or parts of songs are still recognisable. But should there be anyone on the planet who does not know the original, I am quite sure he would consider this original material.
So while I normally am not very fond of tributes and or covers, this is done with style, conviction and a clear view of how to interpret these songs and make them their own.

For me an impressive achievement with an album that is considered holy by many.