Scott Mosher, Virtuality, 2001

scott mosher - virtualityIn my earlier post on a Scott Mosher album, I already mentioned the uncommon combination of ambient, sometimes dance music inspired aural extravaganza of this multi instrumentalist with some progressive rock overtones.

This album, albeit some years older, is of the same calibre. And while I can imagine some people being put off by words like “dance” or “extravaganza”, I truly admire Scott´s work for being so damn original. To make it sound like a logical set of songs, is even more proof of his abilities to blend styles that are so far apart from each other. True, not everything is instant, but from my point of view that is actually a bonus. For what it´s worth, isn´t this what progressive music should be all about?

Though limited in appearance, my previous comment about the vocals also applies to this album. Not bad, but a more commanding performance would render him more credibility. Then again, the combination works, so why bother.
The bad news is, his website is still running, but information about his musical adventures is hidden so deep I can´t find it. The artwork design is his also, but nada musical info. Perhaps he has given up on convincing people this works. A pity, as I feel this could appeal to a broad audience. Or should! A Season Of Fire being a prime example.


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  1. Hey dude – thanks for that review post! Indeed, I am still plying my trade and doing music as well as graphic design. The music projects morphed into the Oceans of Night band. Working on CD’s #6 and 7, should have at least one out for the summer. Thanks!

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