Sebas Honing, Songs Of Seas And Oceans, 2014

sebas honing - songs of seasSebas Honing is a young and talented Dutch multi instrumentalist with a clear mantra: no matter how loud it gets, it must remain beautiful. This release is the first of 2 concept albums. And actually this album holds 2 concepts at once. First is the subject, all songs are about water. Second is that all songs are in the key of C.

And Sebas really is a one man band. Everything, except for one track which is sung by his partner Petra, is done by him. Soundwise I would like to compare this a bit to what Devin Townsend does. It is massive and versatile, with Honing proving himself as a very adequate guitar player with the capability to surprise and to awe. His singing is not his greatest feature however. His voice does not stand out like his playing. Not that it is bad or anything, it is just more average. For a part he covers that up with adding lots of harmonies, which again reminds of Townsend.

Still as a whole I like this album very much. The songs are built to last. Lots of dynamics and still a great flow (pun intended). Sometimes it rocks (hard), sometimes they breathe, but there is not a dull moment in sight. Easy to listen to over and over, so make sure you check this out. Curious for the next one, hope it is just as good!