Secret, The End Of The Road, 2014

Secret_The_End_Of_The_Road Aussie label Melodic Rock Records has quite the nose for delivering quality. Which does not surprise knowing that chief Andrew McNeice probably has all the relevant names on speed dial. But still, I never heard of Secret before, so what’s the secret, eh deal here?

In essence Secret are a Spanish duo consisting of Jesus Espin on vocals and Ivan Gonzalez on everything else. They also wrote the songs and produced, mixed and mastered the whole affair. And okay, got a little help from some friends for bass, backing vocals and piano on a track here or there. The album has 12 songs and references would be Harem Scarem at their melodic rock best, and a dash of Journey or so. The singing is flawless, but in my ears the guitar work is a special treat. Like Pete Lesperance in HS, Ivan has not only a firm tone, but also some serious chops. And knows how to put it all to good use.
In this type of music a catchy chorus is a must have and the guys deliver in spades. So it is really easy to enjoy the 12 songs and connect to them.

Good work, and as far as I am concerned, I hope this is the beginning of the road, and not the end of it.