Section A, Sacrifice, 2010

section a - sacrificeSection A is the prog metal band hosted by shredder Torben Enevoldsen. Who not only writes all the songs, but besides guitars, also plays the bass and keyboards. And does the recording, mixing, producing, etcetera. Quite the busy type.
What I find interesting is the participation of former Lion`s  Share singer Andy Engberg. I really like his commanding voice so am glad to hear it again.

So now on to the music. First track Sacrifice is clearly not meant to leave anybody standing. Fierce double kick and a lot of riffs and things. Keyboards are present, but play a minor part in the sound. It´s a wall of guitars, yet the vocals are clear in the mix. Next track is Room With A View and this has a somewhat slower tempo but features the same arrangement, that is, full on on the guitars and vocal. The chorus is better on this one though. Next track Lionheart is a cross between the first tracks, so I am in fear that the album might prove a bit limited… But Land Of The Desert Sun proves me wrong, with an opening synth solo. Or is it? After this the track continues in the mode of the previous tracks.

So I could go on, but I won´t. Sacrifice has turned out a decent album, but of a limited nature. Maybe a little more outside input will broaden the horizon? All the ingredients are there, but this definitely needs more variation to stand the test of time.