Serpentine, A Touch Of Heaven, 2010

Serpentine - A Touch Of HeavenSerpentine is yet another band / project (that always remains to be seen) with singer Tony Mills (ex-Shy, TNT) involved. So the quick route is to mention that anyone into his vocal style or the bands he has worked with before, will know what to expect from this release.

Yes sometimes life is simple, and this is one of those occasions. Serpentine prove able to deliver textbook melodic rock songs with enough musicianship and eye for arrangement to also keep the more demanding listener happy.
That is not to say that this is a stunning album. Yes I like it, and yes it sounds good, but alas, nothing you have never heard before. Of course that is a regular thing in this over crowded genre. So rock solid and a safe buy. And like I hinted at before, it remains unsure who will sing on a next release, if there ever is gonna be one. I hope so, but I also hope that the band find a permanent singer that gives them more of an unique identity. Mind you, Mills is a very good singer, but I think he is going the Tommy Denander route with popping up on just too many releases. For now, enjoy this CD!