Seven Impale, Contrapasso, 2016

seven-impale-contrapassoDon’t know about you, but to me, the name of the band and the album cover just about screamed death metal. Okay, only with the gushes of blood and unreadable text missing. Must be a brain malfunction, because it couldn’t be farther from the truth. This has turned out to be a rather exciting progressive rock album, mixed with some jazz influences. The latter being caused by the use of sax and such. Because let’s face it, complexity is no longer strictly the domain of free spirits…

So the 9 songs on this second album by the band, are a daring display of energy, experiments, dramatics, atmosphere, contrasting rhythms and melody. The latter taking care of you wanting to hear it again, which of course ought to be mandatory hahaha.
Anyway, I liked what I was hearing. It has a rather unique vibe but it is also strangely addictive. Like you know that sweets are not good for you, but still you crave eating one more. The same thing happens here. You frown your eyebrows, thinking about what the !#@#$ is happening, and when the 67 minutes have flown by, you reach out to hit play again. So no matter how you look at it, the band are doing something right here.

In the end the obvious conclusion is that prog heads should really dive in, chances are you fall in love with this…


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