Seven Steps To The Green Door, The?Book, 2011

seven steps to the green door - the bookAnd here we are back with another Progressive Promotion Records release. And again one with Marek Arnold on board. Seven Steps To The Green Door is a 6 piece band that have put music to a story by Thoralf Koss. It is about people who lose their identity in the face of their fanatic belief in a divine authority. I received a promo, so can´t tell you much on the definitive edition, besides that it is a mediabook with 52 pages! Containing the story so you can really delve in.

Of course anyone that reads the above lines will already know we are once again heading into progressive rock / metal territory. And what I have found pretty special: often this type of albums is complex and you need several spins to connect to it. But not so with this one. Don´t know how they did it, but listening to this felt strangely familiar. And mind you, without it sounding like something you have heard before. Starting out in typical Marillion / Genesis style, and evolving from there. Utilizing anything that helps bring the story to life. So even aggressive vocals, instrumental muscles, dynamic arrangements, angelic female voices, whatever.

Another prove this Record company knows what it is doing and another proof that Marek Arnold is rapidly becoming a force to reckon with. A great writer, able to deliver diverse songs, without losing grip on quality. So you get it, another winner and class release in the genre!