Sevendust, Black Out The Sun, 2013

sevendust - black out the sunRegular readers of this blog will certainly recognise me advocating the need to stretch musical boundaries. Just look at all the different styles presented on these pages. There is so much good music out there! A pity I do not have more time to present it all here. But still, through a clip I heard (and not just for the interesting art work on the left), I wanted to check out Sevendust, a band I had never heard of before (sorry)!

And I must say, this is a damn fine slab of metal. Vocals vary from aggressive to melodic, so you will need to be able to withstand some shouting here. But for those who do, I really like this type of groovy and firm riffing heavy music. And great use of low tunings also! There is always so much energy present, I find that almost impossible to withstand. Okay, without the more melodic singing it probably would be a bit much to take, but in the way Sevendust present their songs, I am definitely interested to check if they have a back catalogue. And since there is no information on who of the five members does what, the safe bet will be there is more to find 🙂 Oh, and it is not all loud, the guys know when to kick back a bit and relax. Great band.

So you know what to do if any of the above strikes a chord within ya…