Seventh Key, I Will Survive, 2013

seventh key - i will surviveOh yes! Mike Slamer and Billy Greer return with a new Seventh Key album. If you, like me, consider yourself a fan of the first couple of albums, then this is probably all you need to know and you can just head on over to your favourite retailer and buy the thing blind.

Okay, all the others who are still here: where have you been hiding? Slamer and Greer not only were part of the ultra fantastic outfit Streets, with a past in City Boy or Steelhouse Lane (Slamer) or Kansas (Greer), these guys ought to be familiar to anyone with  even the faintest interest in rock music. But hey, ya can´t know all, so I am happy to add my 2 cents.
So I feel you should know a couple of things about this. First: Slamer is a guitar god! Great sound and feel, awesome riffs and endless creativity, the man´s talents make me jealous… And to top that, he is the producer as well as co-writer and keyboard player. Billy Greer not only plays bass, but also sings lead. And is the other principal writer. The band is completed by Chet Wynd on drums.

With this pedigree it will not come as a surprise that this is a melodic rock album with at least one foot in more progressive territory. So the choruses are catchy, but there is never a dull moment in these songs. This is built to last you a lifetime and I am quite confident it will, such is the appeal. For me a no-brainer, buy on sight. And any other album with these guys on as well.