Seventh Station, Between Life And Dreams, 2016

seventh station - between life and dreamsAlas I have little information about this album. I think someone contacted me about it, but cannot find a bio or anything. Except what it says on the website: that it deals with the concept of being caught between two stools, having different secret signs showing different ways and choices. Key musician is Slovenian guitarist Dmitri Alperovich, and guesting are Turkish pianist and conductor Eren Basbug and Israeli singer Davidavi Dolev. So the music will have to do a lot of the talking.

We are in progressive metal territory here. Although it has to be said that there a several moments of classical or clean guitar playing, embellished by orchestrations. And for me those moments are amongst the best on offer. That is mainly due to the fact that the singing voice of Dolev is an acquired taste. He tends to ‘metallize’ his performances a lot, adding sharp edges to it.
As we have come to expect in the genre, most of the songs clock in between 5 to 10 minutes, so the end result is 65 minutes for 8 songs. A lot of ideas are used, so there is much going on. While this is also a genre thing, it also means that it takes time to get familiar with the structures and some melodies take time to discover.

There is no doubt that fans of the genre will find this to their liking. Personally I would like to suggest to take more time to develop ideas and add more melody, take Morning’s Silence as example.


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