Seventh Wonder, The Great Escape, 2010

seventh wonder - the great escapeOne of those band that was on my buy list forever, yet never came around to picking up. Until now that is. Had read some nice things about them, but it is always unsure what one can expect from those comments.

Well ladies and gentlemen, if you are looking for a band that makes a highly entertaining crossover of melodic and progressive metal, look no further. Sometimes reminding me of  Symphony X in the way the vocals are arranged (and in my book that is a BIG compliment) Seventh Wonder have struck the right, eh, chords with me.
Partly delivering more compact songs like opener Wiseman or Long Way Home. Who still hold a lot of ideas that are held together by the excellent vocals and arrangements. And also some longer songs like The Angelmaker and King Of Whitewater. But the title track is the stunner. Not only for clocking in at over 30 minutes, but also for it´s richness in ideas. Never a dull moment here and still does not sound like a lot has been thrown together just for the sake of creating an epic. And did I mention I really like the vocals? Well if more complex instrumental stuff is what you seek, you don´t need to worry either. Very competent players all around!

So I find myself enjoying this immensely and am quite sure you will too if this type of music suits you.


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