Several Shorts 3

scott mosher - infernoScott Mosher, Inferno, 2004

Talking about mixing different styles… What we have here is a mix of progressive rock and ambient. The good thing is, it actually sounds very refreshing. Just the vocals need some more work I think. Definitely one for the daring and open minded.

green carnation - acoustic verses

Green Carnation, Acoustic Verses, 2005

In my previous post about this band I talked about their great progressive metal. But as the album title already suggests, this is a different beast. But what passion and beauty, what pure and intimate music. Essential for all those special moments. Very classy!

world stage - the day america criedWorld Stage, The Day America Cried, 2001

Dedicated to the victims and families of the 9-11 disaster, and put together by Jim Peterik, I guess most by now will know what to expect.
The tracks are emotional but alas basic. Emphasis on vocals, with mostly piano backing. Some drums and guitar, but not much. Mostly slow paced. A pity it rocks so little.