Several Shorts 4

crimsonfaced - captain freakToday´s shorts is totally about another discovery I made via MusicWorthBuying: guitar player and all around musician Mike Trapp. Who also engineers, produces, etc..
On his CDBaby page I ordered 2 CD´s from him; Crimsonfaced with Captain Freak (2004), and Bliss with Chasing The Mad Rabbit (1998). The latter is also featuring Matt Wells on vocals.

Bliss - chasing the mad rabbitThe cd´s are not very promising if you judge a book by the cover. I mean, CDR´s, pretty minimal cover artwork regarding pages (though funny and well done), badly cut paper so it won´t fit the tray 100%. Mmhmm…

But when you start playing you are blown away with what you hear. Crimsonfaced is mostly off the wall rock and Bliss is aptly described as classic rock for the new millennium. This guy uses everything he can lay his hands on apparently. Processed vocals, processed drums or processed whatever. Sometimes plain sounding guitars and drums with soaring vocals. Weird arrangements and moods. Often stunning guitar work (Vai is an influence). And to round it up, memorable tunes. Which is what music should be all about.

So forget my whining on the look, you gotta hear this yourself. Support the guy and visit his website! (even better, buy his albums, there is as least one more available)

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  1. Thanks bro!
    Tho know u can get my CD’s on Amazon, they do all the work and make a better presentation than I did!!!!!!!!!

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