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Several Shorts

fuel - natural selectionFuel – Natural Selection, 2003.

The first records I bought from these guys. But if this is anything to go by, certainly not their last. Good band, good songs. It rocks, it keeps your attention. May sound a little after Nickelback, but I like them as well. You won´t be disappointed if you give it a try!

jane´s addiction - ritual de lo habitual

Jane´s Addiction – Ritual De Lo Habitual, 1990.

Supposed to be a classic so I gave it a try. I can´t really say it is a classic. I do think it is unique! Very distinctive own sound. A lot of groove and yeah, it rocks. The uniqueness has a lot to do with the vocals. Needs repeated play.

rage against the machine

Rage Against the Machine, Same, 1992.

I remember hearing this after it came out. Only a few songs stuck at the time. But playing it again now reveals it is actually better now than I thought then. Of course the singles are easy, but a lot of other stuff popped up. So if you think highly of massive grooves and the exceptional fretwork of Tom Morello, get it if you don´t already own it.

uriah heep - high and mighty

Uriah Heep, High And Mighty, 2004 Remaster.

Being somewhat of a completist, I was happy to find this for a reasonable price. And being totally unaware of the controversy surrounding it, I listened with a fresh ear. Afterwards I read the booklet and understood why this sounds less than a Heep records compared to most I already owned. So in a way I understand the dispute. Nevertheless, though not your typical rocking Heep record, this does have it´s moments. And the story behind it is intriguing. Not for starters, but after all worth the money.