Shadow´s Mignon, Midnight Sky Masquerade, 2008

shadows mignon - midnight sky masqueradeShadow´s Mignon is another project of German musician Henning Pauly (who lives in the USA). If that name doesn´t ring a bell, then I know you are not familiar with his work, be it solo, or under the name of Chain of Frameshift to name a few.
I reckon him as a very talented guy, who writes really interesting music, always has great singers (James LaBrie, Michael Sadler amongst others), has humour, and can shred like the best (guitar being his main instrument, but he does a lot of other things as well).

Owning a lot of his work, I couldn´t resist buying this as well. And though I believe this is a conscious effort to write in a more standard metal kind of style, I felt a bit disappointed after hearing it. I am sorry to say I think it is no where near his best work to date.

That said, I do think this is a quality metal album. Confused? Well you might have guessed I rate his work very highly. And this is something much less spectacular, but still, in it´s style, it is done well. Though I feel that singer Juan Roos is not totally in place here, I am sure that anyone who likes his CD´s melodic and , ehrm, metal, will find this to his or her liking. I just am more fond of Henning doing his “normal” stuff, which is more progressive of nature. But it might be a good start when you want to check out the guy!

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4 thoughts on “Shadow´s Mignon, Midnight Sky Masquerade, 2008

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  2. hi Peter,
    thanks a lot.
    you are right that the Album is Not at all progressive. the intention was to revisit Classic 80s Metal and have Fun with it, also to make Fun of it a Bit since it is pretty silly Music.
    But nevertheless it is enjoyable to produce and to the true Metal Fan, this is Material they can immediately relate to.

    I am sure that the New Roswell Six CD, which I wrote and produced, is more to your liking.

    Stay in Touch.


    1. Hello Henning,

      thank you for your reply!
      Very curious to hear your new project. The first Roswell Six was already a nice one, so it will be great to hear what you have come up with.

      Best, Peter

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