ShadowQueen, Don´t Tell, 2013

shadowqueen - don´t tellShadowQueen are a three pice hailing from Melbourne Australia, consisting of singer Robbi Zana (also bass and piano), with Si Hopman on guitars and Alex Deegan on drums. Coming from down under it is pretty normal to operate in a classic hard rock vein. Though I must say, there are a few surprises here!

First the vocals of Robbi. She may not (yet) be in the league of one Ann Wilson, but man, what she pulls off here is surely very convincing. Melodic, and still able to carry all the songs. Loved it in an instant. Add to that some little rhythmic twists here and there. The band prove they can handle some less obvious rhythmic ideas with ease. Nothing all too fancy, but still noticeable and giving them even more identity.

So despite being fairly short with about 38 minutes, I really enjoy listening to this debut album. After all, good singer and songs is a pretty fine starting point for anybody, especially if it grooves and rocks hard. So if you like that as well, say thank you to another fine release from Bad Reputation and head on over to the website to take a dive.


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