Shooting Star, Leap Of Faith, 2000

Shooting Star - Leap Of FaithThis week I have been playing this album a lot in my car, enjoying it over and over again. And as I feel this band can never get enough attention, I decided I´d post my thoughts about it here.

Shooting Star are mainly regarded as a melodic rock band, but this album proves there is more to them. This because of the use of violin on some tracks, which turns them a little onto the more progressive streets like Kansas.
There are many things to like about the band. For instance the vocals are great. I just love the voices of band leader Van McLain and Keith Mitchell. Second it is the quality of the songs and all the memorable melodies the band keep offering us. Also the variety is a selling point. From rockers to the more intricate tracks, all is delivered with class and style. the first track is also very funny, with a lyric consisting only of titles of many well known rock classics, I Just Wanna Rock being the chorus.

I have yet to complete my discography of them, but from what I already own I can safely say that they are worth every penny of your hard earned cash. Support them!