Sila, Super African, 2013

Sila - Super AfricanMost of the time I am running late with my writings. But lately I seem to be going ahead of time. Yet never so far as in this case, the Super African album by Sila. And that is not all, I actually believe it is the first time I write about an African (Kenya) artist, or about an album that is fuelled by funk and Afro beat. As I am sure site regulars will understand, funk is not a territory I am overly comfortable with. But as I think it is important to be open minded about music, I approached this without caution and just went for it.

And you know what, I cannot deny that this is very tasteful music. Sometimes reminding me of Prince (before all that nonsense with name changing and all), James Brown, or Fela Kuti (which is in his biography, I honestly can´t tell). Arrangements are rich, with a lot of brass and even the odd guitar solo, besides the usual suspects of a groovy rhythm section, crisp keyboards and (undoubtedly sexy) backup singers.

So even if this is out of my comfort zone, I did not mind listening to this and I am quite sure a lot of people will dig this big time for it has a lot of hit potential. Still you will have to wait till August, because that is when it becomes available to the public. Quite the scoop eh 😉