Silent Lapse, Birthright, 2009

silent lapse - birthrightRecently I read a news item somewhere that these guys where offering their album for free. So I visited their website and asked for it.

I got it pretty quick, and recently started playing it. Before hand you always wonder with a stunt like this, will it be worth the while. And to cut a long story short, it is! Though this band may not have reached the top in the prog metal field, I think this is a quality release and any serious fan should get him or herself acquainted to this band. It is simply an offer you can´t refuse! I won´t elaborate on that as this is up for grabs. Figure it out yourself. I will just repeat that you won´t be disappointed… Support them!

Personal play tips: just play it already!


2 thoughts on “Silent Lapse, Birthright, 2009

  1. Peter,

    Thanks a lot for that review! We really appreciate you supporting us and spreading the word where you can. Hopefully we can get out to your neck of the woods sometime in the future.

    Please check back on our main web page to stay updated. We update weekly. Also, there should be live video coming before to long. We are filming a live show July 9th. Thanks again!

    Very Best,

    Taylor Feldpausch

    Silent Lapse

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