Silent Victory, No Sacred Ground, 2009

silent victory - no sacred groundIt was fun reading in the booklet where the title of this album came from. Sure something I recognize, being in a band myself. And to not spoil the mystery, get the album yourself if you want to find out 😉

So on to the music. Silent Victory play a mix of hard rock and NWOBHM, with keyboards throwing in the occasional progressive influences as well. In all honesty, it took some effort getting into the album and I have been wondering why that is. Part it may be due to the voice of Tony Rimmer, whose voice is not bad, but is not 100% on key and sounds like he sings on the top of his lungs a lot. But after some time you get used to that.
Another factor might be the sound. Heavy emphasis on vocals and guitars, with the bass providing the foundations. Drums and keyboards are fairly low in the mix. Overall this results in a Cd with little sonic variation. But as always, maybe you think different, just my opinion.

On the other hand, I am quite sure this is a fun outfit to watch live, as their songs are easy to identify with, lots of hooks and adequate musicianship.  Choruses get a lot of repetition. I like the songs where they expand into the more progressive side of things best. Those are sounding fresh, closer to a band like Magnum. Guitar solos and interplay are well done also.
So good job, yet they deserve to improve on production level.