Silhouette, Beyond The Seventh Wave, 2014

silhouette - beyond the 7th waveJust to show how hard we keep working on adding new thoughts to this site :), on the brink of Christmas this year, we bring you Beyond The Seventh Wave by Dutch prog rock band Silhouette. And first things first, I am quite sure that people into the genre will quite happily play this alongside their annual family diners or other festivities.

And that is not only because of the accessibility of the album. Okay, that may depend on your taste, but I think the band has managed to find a nice balance between neo prog, more traditional textures and more modern and slightly heavier sounds. And even if the vocals need a little adjusting to, on repeated play they prove solid and convincing. Especially when there are harmony vocals at work.

The band has also managed to find melodies that stick, even on the longer tracks. Listen for instance to Web Of Lies part 1 – The Vow. Over 8 minutes but not a dull moment in sight! Yes, there are the genre typicals like solos from keyboard or guitar, breaks, instrumental parts and so on. But as a whole I really enjoy listening to this. There is enough variety, it sounds mature and energetic so hits home hard. Another winner for the Freia Music label!