Sir Rana, Expectations, 2016

sir rana - expectationsSir Rana are a new band from Sweden and Expectation is their first EP release. You will find 6 songs on it, totalling almost 20 minutes of music. Which of course means the songs are fairly short.
Well quality for quantity I guess, because the band deliver a batch of songs that will lighten up any mood. Tagged as indie, whatever that means, as for me this is joyful pop music that is done very well. Clever arrangements, beautiful vocals and harmonies, you name it. This is the perfect soundtrack for a sunny barbecue with friends, or maybe even a romantic evening with the love of your life.
So the last 3 years spent in the studio writing and recording has not lead to a dead beat lifeless yet pristine sounding first offering. No, this serves as the perfect introduction to a fresh band that will turn some heads.

So fresh, you can only find them on Facebook. But there are worse ways to start life as a band. Check this!


Update: the band let me know that so far only the title track is available. Follow this link to hear it.