Sirkis Bialas IQ, Our New Earth, 2019

sirkis bialas iq - our new earthSecond album from Asaf Sirkis (drums) and Sylwia Bialas (vocals and waterphone) with Frank Harrison on keyboards and Kevin Glasgow on bass. Together they deliver 11 tracks on 2 discs (38 and 47 minutes)

I guess on the surface this is going to be labelled as vocal jazz, but close listening reveals this goes beyond that. Let’s have a look at Land Of Oblivion which is very dreamlike, with soundscapes and a voice that is  used as an instrument, rather than taking a leading role. Beautiful. And while on other albums wordless singing can really get on my nerves, in for example Letter to A. it is done just right.
Other influences include modern classical music, folk, progrock and world music.

While the result will not be to everyone’s liking perhaps, there is no denying a lot of heart and soul is put into the songs. This transcends the typical Jazz idiom for me and truly reaches out on an emotional level to anyone willing to listen.

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