Sixtynine, You Are Me, 2016

sixtynine - you are meThink this is the first band from Slovenia making it to these pages. But in reality, that will not be your first thought listening to this. This sounds international and very confident. Oh wait, a step back: Sixtynine play a brand of classic (hard) rock that sounds modern, if you get what I mean. The production is totally up to date, with keyboards adding colour without being overly present. Except where they lift a song to an even higher level.

Opening with Don’t Give Up, the album is off with a slow start. Which is not usual. But the song is beautiful, and when in the end the orchestrations kick in, the mood is lifted even higher. Next is Believe, a track that most bands would use to start an album with. It sounds meaty and powerful. Again the melodies prove to be strong, and the arrangement inventive. And this is present throughout the album. And because of the keen eye for details, the album even grows on you after a couple of spins.

So the quartet of singer Tomaz, guitarist Tadej, bassist Danijel and drummer Igor, together with producer Andrea F, have managed to create a very enjoyable album that ticks the right boxes and also manages to surprise and avoid the obvious routines. No mean feat.

Now we will have to wait for an international release, as so far this is an independent release.