Skillet, Rise, 2013

Skillet - RiseAnd here we have another première. For me that is, as Skillet already have a bunch of records out. This quartet has a not so common configuration for a band, 2 ladies and 2 gents. And don´t be shy, they sound nothing like ABBA 🙂 . In fact, all of them play an instrument and with a female and a male singer amongst them, variety is key.

Labelled as alternative rock because of the programming that is often present, this could easily be a modern rock outfit. The guitars are present but never overpower the song or the singing. All in all it is actually very melodic, with lot´s of light and dark in the arrangements. The singing is very good, especially when both voices combine or interact. Very powerful.
Music like this should easily find a home on the radio so more people would become aware of them. Or maybe they are, as I never listen to radio. Sometimes I got to think of Gothic, because of the orchestral sounding additions, violins and so on. But I am a sucker for that, as I feel it combines with metallic guitars big time. Anyway, a great album, and a reason to go looking for some other albums by them. Oh, some refer to this as a Christian band but don´t let that turn you away, they are simply bigger than that!