Sky Architect, Excavations Of The Mind, 2010

sky architect - excavations of the mindA confession up front. Everyone know the expression “never judge a book  by the cover” ? Okay, here I was looking at the artwork and expecting some dark prog metal inspired by Dream Theater and sorts. Let me tell you right away, that couldn´t be farther away from the truth. In fact, this is way way better than that!

Sky  Architect are a Dutch band who, despite their young age, have already achieved a maturity a lot of bands long for, but are hardly ever reaching. And style wise this is definitely more rock than metal, yet progressive it is.
References are bands like Spock’s Beard, Magic Pie and so on. Firmly rooted in the traditions of seventies bands, they use a lot of vintage sounds (acoustic guitar, Hammond, Mellotron, etc.. ) but still manage to sound modern. Plus this is all about songs, moods and melodies. With a lot of musical interludes to also keep the more commanding listener happy.
I find myself being very impressed by this release, so will just leave it at that. For everyone into quality music with depth and warmth, with a lot of musicality and diversity, yet avoiding all too obvious routines, this is a must buy!