Slash, Apocalyptic Love, 2012

Slash - Apocalyptic Love

With the previous Slash album I was not quite sure what to expect. And I quite liked how that one turned out. So with this new one, with only Myles Kennedy handling the lead vocals (and sharing writing credits as well as making the front cover), I was sure upfront this was gonna be something to look forward to.

So the big question is, did it turn out anything like I hoped for? Of course boys and girls! What Slash stands for is apparant to millions, and anyone knowing Myles’ regular job with Alter Bridge will also be aware of his mightly talent. Something he is also able to pull off live. There is a reason Slash is sticking with this dude and that is not only his looks.

Glad to confirm this is another rocking album with a lot of groove, melodies that nest inside your brain like too much alcohol on a sunny day and Slash torturing his guitar the way we expect him to. Really a fine set of songs that will work well both live as they do on disc, so a safe buy for anybody into this type of music or with even the faintest interest in the things done in the past. This kicks major ass and withstands continuous play with ease. Good times roll!


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