Slow Down Molasses, Burnt Black Cars, 2015

slow down molasses - burnt black carsThis is the first full length international release of these Canadians, after the success of their limited release of their 2012 title Walk Into The Sea. It draws upon a series of photos taken by the father of member Tyson McShane in the 1968 Paris riots. That was a chaotic and maybe wild eyed optimistic time and those sentiments we find on this disk also.

Operating as a kind of alternative rock band (the press sheet speaks of prairie post rock and psych rock) it is clear that both chaos and melody, as well as groove, are used to set the scene. Layered sounds build an intense feeling. Sometimes edgy and rough, sometimes almost clean and neat. The music is never really heavy, it is more a mix of eighties new wave (keyboards) with the fuzzed guitar sound of stoner rock.
All this makes for an interesting listen and an album that knows how to attract, and yet still grows with every listen. Which is a quality mark in this house! Also the fact there are both male and female lead vocals helps to create the bands rather unique sound.

Even if full length is open to debate, with an album clocking in at 36 minutes, I would rather have this than getting an  hour that does nothing for me. So I say job well done!