Slug Comparison, IIb, 2017

slug comparison - iibNo rule without exception, and for Slug Comparison I have no problem breaking a few. After a full length and part a of a series of EP’s, we now have the already announced part B. The info on bandcamp gives you some insight in the background of these songs, worth a read. The band / project now consists of Mike Young – bass and programming, Dave Young – programming, Sam Levin – additional string arrangements and Doug Harrison – vocals, guitars, programming and string arrangements.

First song is When You Were Living Here. Very moody and I suspect a fitting tribute to the friend Doug lost. Some wonderful accents in the arrangement too. Beings Far Away is the second song and is another emotional piece full of heartfelt performances. This music grabs you and in my humble opinions crosses genres. Just open your heart and ears and listen!

By the way Doug, sorry I missed part A!