Slug Comparison, Self Titled, 2014

slug comparisonFans of Opeth, Porcupine Tree or Katatonia please pay attention. Slug Comparison is the moniker under which Fen vocalist and guitarist Doug Harrison has released this self titled album. And it is a progressive alternative rock album with a dark edge to it. Which is why the artwork makes perfect sense.

What most caught my hear while listening to this is the voice of Harrison. His delivery is a perfect match for the moody music. That never is really heavy or technical, the emphasis is on melodies and melancholy. This is blending darkness and light and has no trouble holding your attention. Recorded over a 2 year period, Harrison keeps exploring and keeps growing, both as a vocalist and as a song writer. Several Fen mates help out on this album, so fans of their Trail Out Of Gloom album will want this.

Opener Bringer Of Doom is a nice way to get acquainted, and every song that follows just strengthens that familiar feeling. Short Of Hell has a great melody and some twisted sounds to throw you of the path. Which is a good thing. Evil Ways sees Doug experiment with his vocals and Long Live The Night is a multi layered epic where a choir and battlefield soundscapes add to the impact.
Interesting and spell binding…


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