Soil, Picture Perfect, 2009

soil - picture perfectMy previous post about Soil is a favourite among my readers and gets regular visits. So let´s see, if this one will receive the same reception.
One thing is for sure,  it won´t be because of lesser quality. Like on Scars, the boys fire away and do so in style. There is a lot to like about the band (strong vocals, heavy grooves, scorching solo´s, you name it). Just don´t let the sometimes offensive lyrics get to you *LOL*.

And I am also thinking the band added more variety to their arsenal. The title track has a beautiful mood to it, and yet holds a powerful short middle 8 section. The chorus is very attractive. Besides the expected heavy stuff (lot´s of those, yummy), there is also some more laid back stuff at hand. Surrounded has acoustic guitars, but is still not slow in tempo, as well has a full blown chorus. Anymore has clean guitars and reminds me in a very strange way of the classic Police tune Every Breath You Take. Still in a Soil way of course. Too Far Away has ballad like parts and manages to rock as well. And album closer Last Wish (with an intro akin Aerosmith´s Dream On) is another example of working with light and shade.
So you guessed it, another winner!