Solna, Eurameric, 2009

Solna - EuramericAnyone remember Sister Mary from Queensryche´s Operation Mindcrime opus? Well if you like the singing of the woman in question, miss Pamela Moore, you have a perfect reason to check out this album. Should you need another one: Ralf Scheepers is on board for 2 tracks as well, including the beautiful duet Feel Alive.

And the international aspect of this release does not stop there. From Sweden to Italy, from Germany to the USA, nothing was stopping Zane Petersen (drums) to create his vision. Kudos for that!

Firmly rooted in 80’s and 90’s metal and hard rock, we are treated with 9 songs and 2 interludes that get better with every spin. Heavy where it can or needs to be, and soft and breakable when the song asks for it. The melodies are not all instant, but over time it gets more and more easy to identify with this album. A little short maybe with about 41 minutes, so keep the repeat button comfortably nearby.

Alas I could not find a band website, so better check with the label.