Sons Of Ra, Cognitive, 2020

sons of ra - cognitiveFrom Chicago hail instrumental progressive rock trio Sons Of Ra. The band is Erik Oldman on guitars, Keith Wakefield on bass and synths and Michael Rataj on drums. Together with tech Vince Ippolito they recorded the 4 tracks that are on this EP.

The result is 24 minutes of music that will please those progrock aficionados that are not scared by music that is demanding their attention. Because one thing is clear, talent in abundance here. All 3 musicians are skilled and are not afraid to show it. This also means that repeated play is needed to fully appreciate the songs. Of course between all the action, there are also quieter moments. But overall the band like to keep busy. Best song for me is closing track A Minor. Here clean guitar melodies create a beautiful jazz feel. And then hell breaks loose again 😉

Not sure if this is their first effort, but I am curious to hear how they develop.