Sound Of Eternity, Visions & Dreams, 2014

sound of eternity - visions & dreamsStill a lot of catching up to do on all Melodic Rock Records releases of the last year or so. This one is again from Spanish origin if I am not mistaken. And the first thing to note is that the singer is female! The second thing is that, while being a melodic rock record, the use of keyboards is not standard. A lot of atmospheres and melodic phrasing instead of just laying down layers of sound. For me, that creates a much more interesting total sound of the band. And that without the guitars being low in the mix.

And there is more. The CD opens with the short instrumental title track, that actually resembles a film score. Great work! Call To Action is fine example of how the band mix melodic rock guitars with inventive, almost prog like keyboard playing. And singer Beatriz Aranda shows she is more than capable of delivering the goods. The ballad Eternal Love is not only a 7 plus minute track, it is also gorgeous in delivery on all accounts. All songs have memorable choruses and still manage to stay away from all too obvious choices.

So there you have it, we already knew that label boss Andrew McNeice knows what he is doing, and I am quite confident that melodic rock aficionados and maybe progrockers that love their music melodic will know how to appreciate this. Recommended.