SpaceCream, Pterodactyl Sky, 2016

spacecream - pterodactyl skyNow here is a fast rising star! SpaceCream are hailing from Hollywood, formed a good 2 years ago, and they apparently know a thing or two about visuals and rock. First the visuals, this cover screams SciFi, weird, humour, and yet somehow also confidence! Then the band. The quartet consists of Savannah Pope (vocals), Dizzy Joan (guitar), Saul Slotnick (bass) and Zak Ryan (drums). A general term for the style would be rock. And in it you would find elements of glam, progressive and art rock.

This album (8 songs and almost 37 minutes) is their first release to the unaware masses and let me tell you upfront, I do hope it will not be their last. Opening track is Killer, starting with a steady riff on guitar and the vocals of Savannah. And it only takes her a few lines to make clear she means business. Rarely I have heard a voice that is so demanding. The arrangement is kept fairly sparse, so the vocal abilities really come to the fore.
Next track Feel The Light is enhanced with some beautiful mellotron, immediately giving it a prog reference. The more intricate arrangement (especially in the rhythm department) only adds to that. And again a vocal that captures you with ease. What the 8 songs show is a band on fire, with a remarkable singer.

For some reason I am thinking The Tubes because of the visual aspects and the many tastes, Blue Oyster Cult because of the humour and SF influences and seventies prog and rock for the music. And Ann Wilson finally is getting some serious competition for the throne of best female rock singer. Very good start, even if I think the overall production leaves some room for improvement. I would welcome a bit more punch, instead of this authentic sound (still good by the way).
Head on over to the website and inform yourself!