Stan Bush, Dream The Dream, 2010

Stan Bush - Dream the dreamOf course, mister Stan Bush is a scene veteran with over 25 years in the business. And with some considerable success due to delivering songs for various Transformers movies. In 2010 he released this new collection of his brand of melodic rock songs. Some of them we already know from other artists (Two Hearts) or from the aforementioned films (The Touch).

But this collection is by no means an easy cash in on old material. In matter of fact this turns out to be a deeply inspired fantastic bunch of driving tracks with the melodies we crave to hear, backed by a flawless production and quality playing.
I think that anyone who puts this silver disk in a player and hits play, will know everything they need to know by listening to the first 2 songs alone (Never Hold Back and I’m Still Here). And let me tell you up front, it does not end there. The high standard is continued with ease, so I hope my enthusiasm inspires you to buy this on sight.
Praise for Frontiers Records for releasing another winner!