Stan Bush, The Ultimate, 2014

stan bush - the ultimateBack to another MelodicRockRecords release! This is the latest album from Stan Bush, which should be a familiar name to anyone who considers himself a fan of the melodic rock genre. And let´s face it, most of you probably own this one already. So let´s talk to the people who don´t then…

Stan Bush is a songwriter who also records under his own name. And then he acts as the singer. Stan has a warm voice, nothing extraordinary, but convincing anyway. All instruments are handled by producer Holger Fath, with Tom Walsh and Craig Yamek guesting on drums. I am pretty sure that Bush wrote the book on “how to write pop songs that rock”, or at least contributed to the chapters “melody”, “harmonies” and last but not least “how to keep it fresh”.

Because in the world of melodic rock, all too many get lost in all too familiar paths. Yet Stan Bush knows how to twist and turn his material to make it still tick the right boxes, and still never sound predictable. In fact I feel that because of the modern production, with a little more guitar and synthesisers, the songs have added depth, making them even more attractive. So it is very easy to fall in love with the album. Me thinks that is all you need to know, get it!