Star One, Promo Single, 2010

star one - promo-single 2010With the recent edition of Aardschok magazine came this promotional single from Arjen Lucassen´s all star Star One project. It will also be included in the next edition of  iO Pages.

Don´t know about you, but I am really excited with the prospect of another album from Arjen (or Ayreon). So far all his output has proved to be right up my ally.

Tracks are full versions of Digital Rain and 24 Hours. Both clocking in at over 7 minutes and sounding the way I like it. For those familiar, do not hesitate, put it on your buy list. For those not knowing Ayreon or Star One but into progressive metal; WAKE UP! This is music that is essential to add to your collection.

To all others out there who are not in the aforementioned categories: sleep well….