Staring Into Nothing, Power, 2017

staring into nothing - powerIt took me a while to realise that the male lead vocalist and parts of the music reminded me a bit of B.D. Gottfried, discussed here not so long ago. But don’t let that fool you in any way, because apart for the positives vibes that gave me, this is a whole different animal altogether. In essence Staring Into Nothing are a 3 piece, with additional musicians helping out. So welcome Steve Rogers on keys and vocals, Savannah Rogers on acoustic guitars and vocals, and Kurt Barabas on bass, pedals and backing vocals.

The music is very melodic and often with an upbeat, light-footed sentiment. But when a band is not afraid to add 9, or even 18 minute songs, I guess we all know we are entering prog territory here. But I think this is the kind of prog that could make a lot of people realize that, when done this well, prog is entertaining as hell. Because SIN manage to pour their ideas into SONGS. The melody always seem to come first, and breaks, solos, or instrumental parts, serve to enhance, rather than take over.
And the quality of the songs is of the highest calibre as far as I am concerned. Produced to perfection too. Every note belongs and with every play you become more and more addicted.

So even when I don’t know much about the band, I think this is a massive album that deserves a home in any collection. Simply brilliant!