State Of Rock, A Point Of Destiny, 2010

state of rock - a point of destinyGuitarist Robby Böbel is a busy man. As is singer Tony Mills. and when someone’s name appears on many a release, the danger of overkill is always present. As is the question of quality versus quantity.
So you will understand I was curious how my impressions of this release would turn out.

Lucky for all of us I quite like this album. I find it inspired and easy to listen to, even with multiple plays in a row. Which is an achievement considering the output of the writers at hand! What we have here is a splendid melodic hard rock album full of good ideas, memorable melodies and the production and technical prowess to do it all justice.

Of course if you are looking for something new, this is not for you. But for anyone into quality songs and quality performance, which sound fresh because of the inspired playing and writing, you know just what to do!

Personal play tips: start it up and you´ll catch it up soon.