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Staton, Mapped: Sins, 2013

staton - mapped sinsIn my mailbox landed this introduction to Dutch alternative rock hopefuls Staton. Introduction, as this is a 4 song EP to get things into gear. And from the looks and sound of it, tempo will raise surely!  Coming across as the bastard children of Muse, the mighty Pure Reason Revolution, and some other names that I am too lazy to look up right now. But what I do know is that bonus points are earned by the performance of singer Lara Mol. Here we have a girl that, while having a timbre that reminds me a bit of No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani, (in my humble opinion) is able to maximise her delivery by using every trick in the book. And her book is lengthy and she knows it by heart. Really impressive! But it is a quintet, and with 3 of the guys adding backing vocals, there is more to the band.

Judging from the people involved I am not alone in thinking this. Not only has the band been on a tight touring schedule, they also managed to pull producers Ken Stringfellow (REM, Posies) and JB Meijers (de Dijk) on board. So on to a full release then, but first head on over to their website and get to know them!