Steed, Tomorrow Is Never Ending, 2013

steed - tomorrow is never endingThe Beatles are dead, so long live Steed! Well okay, that is a bit much, but there is no denying that hard working Dutch band Steed are firmly inspired by Brit Pop and the mod scene. With such a pedigree it will not come as a surprise they already successfully played in the UK. Or as the press info says: they already played the screws out of the stage in Liverpool 😉
So musically it is clear what we can expect. But with a good tradition of being strong willed and headstrong, inspiration for the lyrics were found nearby in real life events of a close friend of singer Alex Pasveer.

And as we all know, personal drama provides a fertile ground for writing heartfelt music. The quartet succeeds in sounding authentic, even if staying fairly close to the sound of early Beatles, Oasis, Blur, The Verve, etc.. Tracks like Rollercoaster, Free, or current single Better Man are tailor made for anyone with fond memories of the genre. And is that a bad thing? Well I prefer good handmade music over well marketed but soulless one hit wonders any day of the week, so my answer is just saying a warm welcome to this!


Oh, before I forget: the album presentation is coming September 13, in Paradiso Amsterdam.

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