Steve Lukather, All’s Well That Ends Well, 2010

steve lukather - all's well that ends wellIn recent years the life of Toto guitar hero Steve Lukather hasn´t exactly been peachy. But as we all know, sometimes the best music is born from pain. And anyway, a new album from the maestro is always a pleasure. You know beforehand that you are gonna hear some stunning fretwork, various styles, often integrated into one song, a quality production, heartbreaking melodies, etc..

This album is no exception to the rule. In fact, for anybody into Lukather’s playing this is a no-brainer, just buy the damn thing. People expecting a kind of Toto record will probably be surprised by all that is going on here. On the other hand, if you have followed his career, you know he is always truthful to his styles and beliefs.

What I love about this is the ability to combine fusion, sometimes jazz like grooves, feels and melodies, with melodic rock. And all that without sounding forced. No it rather sounds like being the most normal thing on the planet. Which it obviously isn´t. Some tracks are more rock, and others more fusion. But all are great.
Another album full of inspired songs, sometimes expressing a lot of hurt. I hope he fares well and picks up on the good things. But as long as we get songs like this out of it, I am not complaining either. People into rock can expand their horizon, as well as people who only know Toto. Essential for all lovers of quality songs and impeccable playing.