Steve Lukather, Transition, 2012

Steve Lukather - TransitionWhat better man to follow up on a post on Jimi Hendrix with, other than Steve Lukather? One of the founders of legendary rock band Toto, but also on countless albums by anybody who is anybody. Let alone with a vibrant career of his own. And on these pages a review rarely comes as fresh as this one, since the album was released past Tuesday. One of the benefits of a pre-order…

It is no secret that Lukather´s life has been all but peachy. And as it should be, he manages to boil all that down to songs. And to some solos that will leave no one untouched. In a way an album by Luke is a sort of homecoming, familiar and comfortable. Yet, while the ingredients might be the same, the result leaves a different taste on every album he has made under his own name. If anything, the man has so much hours under his belt, he can play just about anything and make it look easy. And it has long become obvious he does not care to be pigeon-holed. Whether it is jazz, fusion, rock, pop or funky, he goes where his songs and moods take him. It suits him just fine, so maybe he has been creating a style of his own, identifiable in a split second.

So if you liked him before, waste no time and buy this. If you like Toto, give this an ear, especially if the more mature albums like Tambu rank among your favourites. If you consider yourself a serious lover of music, or just want to find out why I love this stuff: give it a try. There is no Lukather album that disappoints, they all get better with repeated play!


PS: it says 2012 on the digibook, but is available since 2013-01-22!