Steven Wilson, Grace For Drowning, 2011

Steven Wilson - Grace for DrowningSteven Wilson is a genius. There I said it! So expect a very biased review of this Grace For Drowning double disk. If you are one of those people ignorant of this man and his music, let me try to guide you a bit.

First should anyone into progressive rock and metal be familiar with his band Porcupine Tree. Awesome band, pick up their albums. Next is this: you try combining ambient piano and vocals (Grace For Drowning), classical guitar (Belle De Jour) with progressive workouts like Sectarian, combine elements from various genres and make them work (Index), write epics for breakfast (23 minutes of Raider II) and still come up with enough feel, groove and musical ideas to put about everything that sits high in today’s charts to shame. And if that is not enough, produce, write and perform with a lot of other people and still make everyone look good.

Okay, still don´t think I am being reasonable here? Then you have my permission to just go sit under a rock somewhere and miss out on this beautiful body of work. But never say I did not try to warn ya! Fabulous release (another one I might add). Awesomeness just got another name…