Stimuli, They Are We, 2018

stimuli - they are weThis album has been spinning quite a few times the last couple of weeks. And it just keeps intriguing me! Let’s first introduce the band members; Tai Hake does bass and theremin, Jimmy Tomahawk sings and plays guitars and Cole Andrews handles drums. The album is self produced and released and since California is mentioned on the cover, I guess that is where they are from. They also have Thayne “Chief Runnamukka” Hake guesting on Native American flute.

The music on this album could be described as a mix of Rush, Tool and Alice In Chains. The drumming in the songs is inventive with a combination of groove and unexpected fills and breaks. The vocals are the most grunge oriented I think. Combine that with expressive guitar and bass and you have that combination that keeps me locked in while listening.
What also helps is that the 11 songs on offer are all about 4 to 5 minutes. So they are focused and varied.

And yet somehow I struggle to pinpoint why I like it so much. But after all that does not really matter. Fact is I thoroughly enjoy hearing it and never mind hitting replay.

So if the bands mentioned are right up your alley, this is surely worth tracking down!