STRATTMAN (feat. Nick D’Virgilio) Releases Debut on 10T Records

strattman10T Records will release “The Lie of the Beholder,” the debut full-length solo CD by STRATTMAN, better known to most as Little Atlas guitarist and joint composer Roy Strattman, on May 20, 2014, with a retail street date of June 17, 2014.

“The Lie of the Beholder” is a tour de force of cutting edge modern progressive rock – complex, tense, and shot through with dark and menacing textures alternating with unexpected stabs of beauty and organic calm.  In addition to writing all of the material on the album, Strattman performs the guitar, keyboards, and vocals.  The album features Nick D’Virgilio (Genesis, Kevin Gilbert, Spocks Beard, Mike Keneally, Tears for Fears) on drums, and Ricardo Bigai (Little Atlas, Supersam, Julio Iglesias) on bass, in addition to guest appearances by Steve Katsikas (Little Atlas, The Dark Side of the Wall) on piano and cajon.

“During the process of writing and recording the Little Atlas album “Automatic Day,” I found myself in an especially productive and energized creative mental space. Ideas were flowing out of me at record pace,” says Strattman. “Some of the writing was in a new direction for me and became the groundwork for a solo album. The end result, “The Lie of the Beholder,” became my first solo album. Creating a solo album is an incredibly joyful and challenging process, and it has led to some great musical growth for me. I could not be happier with how the album turned out. After its completion, I approached 10T Records about releasing the album, and was thrilled to find that they were as enthusiastic about it as I was.”

“My partner, Jeff, and I were completely blown away by this release,” says 10T Records president, Steve Carroll.  “We couldn’t be more proud to be bringing this CD to the marketplace.  I believe that fans of Little Atlas will be especially intrigued to hear Roy’s unique musical voice and recognize how it has influenced that band’s style over the years.  But this really is a release that stands completely on its own in every respect.”

All tracks from “The Lie of the Beholder” are now available to preview on the Strattman artist page at the following link:  After June 17th, “The Lie of the Beholder” will be available through your favorite retail outlet.


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